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12/09/2011 Foxx.
Hi all,

We'd like to let you all know that - contrary to popular belief, Adept isn't dead! Many of you have heard whispers of a merger, and it's no longer any big secret that it's happened - Adept has joined forces with our former rivals - Tsunami. With heroic Ragnaros behind us, we are now able to announce our future moniker - Suit Up. If you are unaware of Tsunami, they have operated at a similar level to Adept, the two guilds are unquestionably the strongest Oceanic contenders.

It is worth noting that the merger has not taken place because Adept or Tsunami 'needed' it. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Oceanic raiding doesn't have much relevance in the context of the 'world first' race. This obscurity exists for a couple of reasons - a smaller playerbase in general, but also a lack of hunger and commitment from some raiders and guilds. Both Adept and Tsunami would have killed heroic Ragnaros with a very respectable ranking - however, that has been sacrificed for the greater good of the future, as we push into the next tier and beyond.

You can view our US 8th heroic Ragnaros kill here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0MRf2wpYCc

As always, we are currently recruiting and want to create a roster with enough depth to challenge world top 10 guilds in the future. Our present players have done an exceptional job at laying the foundations, but we will leave no stone unturned in our revitalised push to the top.

Suit Up is currently recruiting the following classes for core raid spots:
Death Knight - DPS.
Druid - Feral DPS/tank, Balance, Restoration
Shaman - Elemental.
Paladin - Holy.
Warrior - DPS.

The application process is presently running on our new forums. We'd love to have your support on our new site as well. Don't mind the bugs for now, it's still largely under construction!

See you soon!

xoxo Adept (and Tsunami!)

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Heroic Firelands 6/7
04/08/2011 esoterickk.
Been a while since we've updated our News section, however we are now 6/7 Heroic.

First up was Baleroc, and boy was this boss a test of our patience and motivation.  Unfortunately due to killing Alysrazor a day later, we missed out on doing Baleroc before the fix of bloodworms resetting torment came in.

We had many days of wiping to trivial things, most of which were melee randomly getting torment and completely destroying any viable melee rotation.  We also got to enjoy the torment spread radius becoming insanely large when combo'd with countdown: Video here.

Whether it's an intentional mechanic; who knows, but regardless we pushed forward.  We also decided that it was pretty much impossible to cancel countdown with torment and not spread it to the other person, so we just ignored it.

After using melee only for the melee crystal rotation, we decided it was far too RNG based for our strat to work as it currently stood.  The instant a melee had torment then got countdown, we noticed that multiple melee would also pick it up; in-turn destroying the melee crystal and wiping the raid.

We changed it up and had Shadow Priest fit into the melee rotation and noticed a remarkable improvement.  However, getting a consistent attempt of nobody dying, good RNG on healers not getting countdown/torment, and lucky decimation blades was yet to be seen.  We spent a few days hitting enrage and wiping to the various above factors; however one day the stars alligned, RNG wasn't horrible, DPS was high and countdown wasn't relentless - we got the kill.

This fight was probably the biggest test to the guild's morale in a long time, but we prevailed in the end.  Two external factors contributing to this; the fact that 10man difficulty on this fight vs 25man was ridiculous and caused us to fall behind in ranks, but also that we came into it a day later after most guilds had killed it with the bloodworms clearing torment.  Regardless, it was a huge relief to kill this boss.

After the trauma that was named Baleroc, we moved on to Majordomo.  The first night we went in for about 2 hours just to see the mechanics etc.  We came back the next day after theorycrafting, discussing various ways to handle the mechanics and soon followed up with a kill.

This boss was honestly pretty disappointing difficulty-wise.  The mechanics werent challenging at all and the enrage timer was really forgiving.  On our kill we actually had multiple incidental resets of the buff, and we still killed it without too much hassle.  Wouldve been nice to be more of a challenge, but hey.

So after killing those two the only thing left for Adept is Ragnaros which we are hoping to secure a kill very soon!

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Firelands Heroic
11/07/2011 Westa.
So this week Firelands hard modes were unlocked and so the race had begun.

The moment we had 25 players online we start off our raid week at 10:30am Wednesday morning, the server had been up for a while and Shannox had already been defeated by a handful of guilds. The first boss we attempted was Shannox and unfortunately this kill took a lot longer than it should have. It's clear how much the PTR experience helps as guilds above us were able to come in and one shot the bosses whereas we had to spend time learning them and adjusting to get the kill.

Shannox was by no means a hard fight however the previous week on normal mode we just zerged shannox down and didn't have to worry a whole lot about our tanks resetting debuffs and all that, and so a couple of attempts in and we fixed that issue and we scored our first kill for this tier.

Moving on from Shannox we decided to take a 30min break before we chose to attempt Lord Rhyolith as our next boss, there's not a whole lot which can go wrong but when it goes wrong boy does it go wrong. We had 2-3 sub 20% wipes as well as a few really early wipes however on the 8th attempt of this boss we pulled off our next kill.

After Lord Rhyolith we took another break for lunch before starting on the next boss. We decided we'd got to Beth'tilac first and we put in two attempts only to have people horribly lagging. We did not want to waste time and thought it may have been due to the mass amounts of aoe/graphics loading however we pin pointed that it had to be a mod causing this lag as some people were lagging and others weren't.  After two attempts we quickly switched to try Alyssrazor while we figured out what was causing us to lag. 

This is where the frustration started, we started to lose ranks on Alyssrazor purely because of the lack of block tanks we have available. As many people know our prot warrior tank had quit before this tier and currently our main tank prot paladin is away unable to play for a while too, leaving us with a feral druid and dk tank. We spent hours wiping to tank deaths which are non-recoverable and we eventually decided to try an alt paladin to see if block tanks would be any different and on that attempt the alt paladin took half the damage of our bear tank as well as his mob not using tantrum as often. We figured out that there was something to do with blocking avoiding tantrum from occurring and so block tanks were king for this fight. It was only at 10pm when we made this change, and now we only had to worry about our bear tank occasionally dieing and we were able to actually make progression on this boss, we raided till 12:30am and called it for the night. Our next scheduled raid started at 11am with us starting at about 11:30am and from here there was a massive difference, everyone was refreshed, people were playing well and we constantly were able to get Alyssrazor to a second landing which resulted in a kill shortly after.

After finally killing Alyssrazor we decided to head back to Beth'tilac hearing that many guilds had killed it and that it was easier than Alyssrazor, and yeah it was a joke. We spent a bit of time on this boss adjusting to the changes however I really think we overestimated how hard the fight was, finishing the boss with 24 players alive a very clean kill.

Currently we are still working on Baleroc with some extremely low % wipes and hopefully tonight we'll get the kill however we've spent far too long on this boss but made good progression in the last few hours of raid last night. Expect a kill tonight!

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First Week of Firelands
02/07/2011 Westa.
Hey all,

So a lot of people were questioning why we took so long to do the first 7/7 and it's really a simple question, the race hasn't started yet and we are doing what we believe will help us the most in progression. By this I mean we started off with farming for BOE epics as well as split raids as we knew it may take longer taking in two mediocre teams but that way we would get as much loot as possible funneling it into our stronger players.

Having said that with literally 0 PTR experience we were forced to actually learn the fights which took a few people a little longer than we'd hoped. We ended up merging the two split raids for Alyssrazor/Majordomo Staghelm/Ragnaros in the end and Alyssrazor was a 2 shot, followed by some learning required on Domo as a lot of people were confused on what actually happens during the fight. With ease we killed it with a full raid alive at the end and minimal casualties during the fight. As for Ragnaros we went in managing to do two quick attempts just before the servers instances shut down which was soon followed by a server restart. After a good 30 minute break we came back in and the learning started. We constantly got to the second set of sons and it was here where we were finding the most trouble however we fixed what we needed to do quite easily and a kill came soon after. The Rag kill was extremely clean with only 3 deaths occurring in the last couple of % when there was 6 meteors running around.

We've also heard about Stars and their Heroic Mode progression but we don't see it as worth it as they lose all recognition on ranking websites which for us is a huge deal as it's one of our main sources of recruitment. Otherwise I have no doubt that Adept would do the same thing, after all we were the one of the first guilds to pioneer the whole instance transfers for extra attempts back in ToGC that caused the implementation of minimum time required on realm before being eligible for realm firsts as well as the raid ID's not being reset upon transfer (although it was never implemented on faction transfers, and I thought this was common knowledge - but apparently not!).

The only thing I was disappointed to hear was that Stars managed to get 3/7 down so far, however there are so many rumors floating around that we don't even know what is true or not. The instance seems pretty fun so far so we can only hope that the hard modes keep guilds interested long enough.

I'd also like to add that our sponsors Lowerping are currently running a promotion as listed on their website:


Lowerping would like to give back to the community that has supported it for years. For the next two weeks Lowerping.com will be completely free for everyone! We have removed all restrictions off of trial accounts so you will not be disconnected and your accounts will be treated as premium.

This promotion is for everyone and we would like to encourage you to spread the word for us... Tell your friends, family, guildies & anyone else you can think of, you could even set your real ID update to tell them all at once!

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Destination: Frostmourne Alliance
05/06/2011 tixl.
We have talked about a move in guild for a few weeks, and the votes are overwhelmingly in. Adept will rejoin the Oceanic fold and where better then on one of Oceanias premier servers: Frostmourne.

We figured that Blizzard is probably struggling for money with the poor US dollar, so we have also decided to go alliance to help with the bills down at Blizzard HQ (plus FM Horde isnt nearly as fun as FM Alliance will be!).

We are really looking forward to playing on a highly active, Oceanic server and re-establishing ourselves within the Oceanic community.

If you play World of Warcraft, raid during Australian times (Wed, Thurs, Sun, Mon 7-12 AEST) and know a thing or two about slaying dragons, then we encourage you to apply! (Please read our PDS for terms and conditions of this product)

See you soon.

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